Tuesday, April 07, 2015

It's been too long! Life in Niger update

So, it has been a long time! Rest assured we are still here in Niger happily occupied with life. I find this term I am much busier with my family , and then my ministry, and thus time for things like blogging has taken a back seat. If you want to hear regularly what we are up to, you can send me an email and I can add you to our weekly update email, which always contains little snippets of what we are up to and a few photos each week.

Since we last wrote, we had Christmas, a trip to Turkey, lots of family adventures, Paul made serious progress on the mens shop and we are busy as always at the school for girls we run.

But all in due time. That would be one very long post indeed! So let me start by giving a short-ish family update and what we have been up to in general life the last 5 months!

Ella turned one year old on October 18th and since that time she has really taken off to develop quite the strong personality, love of books, pizza, lip balm and pens/markers. She is so funny and keeps us on our toes. Arielle is in Grade 3 this year and she loves to read as well as do crafts, swim and play games (as long as they are not too strategy oriented). She is a quiet girl who shows a love of cooking with her Mom and helping others. Bennett is in Grade 4 this year and he is all about action. He loves sports (especially soccer and hockey), math, board games (especially if they are very strategy oriented) and snuggling. He is very compassionate to others and asks lots of great questions to understand better the world around him. He also loves music. Being a Mom is so rewarding and takes most of my effort and energy and I am blessed to be able to form and invest in the lives of these little people. The greatest gift given to Paul and I!

We also got to go to Turkey for a work conference at the end of December and since we were going to be there anyways, we went a week early to enjoy a bit of a break as a family with most of our teammates to spend the actual Christmas holidays. Such a great idea!  So blessed and so encouraged and educated by this trip!

Back here in Niger we enjoy the city where we live, the many amazing friends we have, celebrations in their lives like marriages, baptisms and school events. So many faces we have grown to love and spend much of our time with in their homes and in our schools with them. I will write a ministry update on both the mens and womens program in the near future, but these are just a few snapshots of the joys we are surrounded with!

And then of course, one more thing. Some of the beautiful sites of Niger that we get to enjoy from natural sites, animals to man made beauty! The dunes, Parc W, the giraffes and more! Come and visit us and we promise you will get to enjoy these wonders alongside us!