Tuesday, October 07, 2014

And so it begins…

Today was the first day of school for our new cycle of young ladies at the “Girls at Risk” school program here in Niamey, Niger. If you would like to know more about our school you can check it out at www.nvoc.ca

We were so excited to see each and every girl who had registered show up and ready to start. We have 11 girls on a waiting list and more today showed up to try to register. Sadly we do not have the physical space to be able to hold all the girls who would like to enter, but we are thankful for each one we do have!

Last week we had our community open house where we verified all the registrations, expanded our waiting list and fielded lots of questions from parents. We are so thankful over the years for the support we have gotten from the parents in the community!

Then today we started. All of our new girls came and we spent the morning doing entrance interviews, Math and French placement tests and health statistics like their weight and height (to track their progress with our medical clinic and nutrition program). It took a long time and it was hot and sweaty, but we broke it up with snacks, cold juice and lots of laughter!

I am so excited to meet these young ladies. We will be working this year with 25 new girls between the ages of 11.5 and 18. I am excited to see how much they want to learn and how eager they are and I can just imagine all that God will do in their lives and how they will blossom. We also will work with 10 graduates from our previous program as apprenticeship and leadership training.

We started the morning off in prayer with the Girls. We know it is important they see us as people of prayer who care for them and will pray for them and journey with them. I look forward to every week as we will ask for prayer requests and pray for the issues and people dear to their hearts.

Speaking of prayer, we will soon be sending out prayer partnerships. If you would like to be included in our list of partners and be assigned a young lady to lift up in prayer, please let us know.

And so it begins. A new group of 25 girls and a returning apprentice level of 10 returning grads. Each and every one a gift to us. We are blessed indeed.

4 of our returning graduates, all excited to be back!


Miriama (returning grad) and her baby Fatima. So excited to see how these young ladies have grown into wonderful mothers with healthy children!


We have Kerri-Jo Fehr, from Fort St. John, BC (Canada) joining us as an intern this year. Here she is with Raichatou.


Our youngest students! A new dynamic with some of our staff and returning grads having babies around! On some days there will be 6 babies present!NVOC-2096

Weighing and measuring the girls.


Amina giving the French placement exams.


After giving out a quilted thick blanket to each girl as cold season is coming, the girls listen to basic rules and instructions from our sewing staff.


The new girls class for 2014! Thanks for praying for them!!