Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Men’s apprentice training program update

During the past few months we have been working hard to get our Men’s apprentice training program off the ground. Recently we cleared two major hurdles. We finally got our container out of customs. This container was packed with items for both our Men’s and Women’s second chance schools, and we are thrilled we finally got through all the paperwork and hassle to have it released. Phew!

We are very happy to have the men's program truck out of the container and it is getting ready to be insured and to clear customs shortly.

The second hurdle was finding a piece of land. This is tricky. We are not allowed to buy land here in Niger. There are also not a lot of empty lots in areas with good electricity (a must for a welding shop) that people want to rent out. After many months of looking we struck an agreement with our friends at the Baptist Mission to rent a piece of their property. They have a huge piece of land that already has good electricity and a good water supply and there were several large open, unused spaces. We are so thankful they are willing to partner with us in this way as we look to train and disciple young men from the community.

Beginning to level the land and build the access road into the area.
So now Paul is going full steam ahead trying to get the shop all set up. First up he needs to bring in fill and level the land. To help with this him and Sidimou (our day guard/welding apprentice) are building a bulldozer blade for the front of the new men's program truck! This will save us lots of money hiring local dozers to sit around for when we need them.

After the land is level and prepped we will bring in our shipping containers, unload the tools and work stations and pull up a heavy tarp roof over the work space. There is lots to do and we are thankful for your prayers as we work to get this all done! We are also thankful for another young man who is a welder who is a new expat to Niger who is helping us out two days a week to weld. He is currently working on rebuilding the 30 foot long trailer that was cut into pieces and put into the container. This trailer will be used to haul our shipping containers into place to be used as shop buildings.

We will keep you up to date. Thanks for checking in with what Paul is up to!

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