Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Bennett turns 9!

9 years ago today my life took a significant turn. 9 years ago today the most amazing, life changing event happened with the birth of our first child, Bennett. It is so hard to think it has already been 9 years!

I love the spirit of this boy. He is rambunctious and loud and like a “tornado” of energy. He loves playing games more than anything else and always wants to learn new ones. He also enjoys outdoor sports like baseball and soccer that he can play with his friends here in Niger. He is very social and “quiet time” is not in his vocabulary.



He also has a very soft side. I remember him at a park last year when an older boy who was 12 or so was calling him names and being mean. Bennett was crushed that this boy somehow didn’t like him. He feels so sad for the underdogs in life and his heart goes out to so many of the beggars we see on the streets in Niger. He is quick to share his things, and to ask us how we can invest in helping other people.


When the floods in Alberta happened last year and lots of people were displaced from their homes, he decided to save some of his allowance every week to donate to the rebuilding charities. He still asks about their homes and how it is going even though we live on the other side of the World.


Bennett also loves his sisters dearly. Arielle is his best friend and they spend so many hours together every week playing soccer in the yard, playing board games and games, and he loves to help her with his homework. He loves to snuggle and hold little Ella and run to her as soon as she cries. I could not ask for a more loving, protective older brother for my two girls.

portraitsweb-15 Bennett9th-5

I love that he has a heart for the downtrodden and hurting. He fits right in with the heart and purpose of our family and we love that he is being shaped and formed to mold his already sensitive heart into an even more effect and sensitive place that God will use throughout his life to reach into the lives of others.

Don’t get me wrong, our boy is far from perfect! But we love that he is teachable, gentle and loving in his core. We love being his parents and while these past 9 years have flown by, we are so excited to see glimpses and peeks into the young man he is growing to be, while we get to enjoy the love, hilarity, snuggles and eruptions of laughter that are his everyday!

We love you Bennett. Happy 9th Birthday!


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