Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer update Part 2

Well here is Part two of our summer update. If you missed part 1 go back and check it out!

We continue to hang out with family as much as possible over the summer. We like to drop by unexpectedly (or expected) and just make even little visits count where we can. We went camping with cousins and had a hoot too! Once again, these photos are by no means exhaustive but representative of people and events!

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We saw old friends and made new ones. We were active, camped, biked and did a lot of geocaching! We built epic sand castles!


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Daddy’s Mayan ruins

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Finding geocaches

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We wipe out on our bikes! But she was a trooper and got right back up!


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We take fun family photos. I take lots of photos of my kids. But sometimes better than others haha!

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McIver cardfront

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer update Part 1

I realize that this year in Canada I have been horrible at updating the blog. What was normally once every 10 days or so in Niger have turned into once every three months. But since this in part was created to keep our family and friends updated while we were overseas, I guess during the time at home I have not felt inspired to write. In truth we have been quite busy. From September to July we had 70 separate speaking/preaching/teaching/meetings going on to do with our work in Niger, as well as a 10 day trip to Niger for Chantelle in June for graduation of the Girls School. Wow, no wonder we felt tired at the start of the summer! Since then we have tried to take it a little slower, with the kids being on summer break and all, to get some of that rest that is supposed to be associated with furlough year home!

So I thought i would put together a two part update with mostly photos to show you what we have been up to this summer. We are in Red Deer until mid Fall as we await the birth of our child in early October so there is still time to catch up face to face as well!


First of all, Paul and I went on a short little trip for our 13th wedding anniversary down to Florida. The time away together was priceless and relaxing and I am so thankful for the wonderful husband God has given me!

We rode bikes on the boardwalk

Florida (1 of 4)

We took a tour of the Everglades

Florida (2 of 4)

We went to the Seaquarium

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And we just hung out and enjoyed the time together!

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We also got to spend a lot of time this summer with our favourite dog Sanka. For those of you who don’t remember, Sanka spent the first 5 years of his life as our dog before going to join the family of our good friends when we went to Niger in an environment that would not be healthy for him. We love him dearly to this day and he is an old dog now, almost 10 years old!

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We went to Invermere/ Radium for a week to relax and enjoy boating, swimming and exploring.

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We also got to see my Niger teammate Lisa who has just arrived home for her own year of furlough. Yes these are wild big horn sheep behind us!

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We got to be a part of Auntie Rebecca’s engagement scavenger hunt day!

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Recreating the famous painting “American Gothic” in our own style.

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We house-sat for friends out in the country and enjoyed the country life for a week

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I am a huge fan of canola fields in the summer. My hard drive is full of photos of them. So beautiful!

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And we also had the joy of spending an afternoon picnic with our teammates from Niger the Cheungs who were around for a brief vacation. I stayed with them while I was in Niger this June and we love them to bits! This is the “Tuareg team” of the larger Niger team!


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Stay tuned for part two!