Saturday, October 20, 2012

Enjoying seasons

One of the big things I miss in Niger is the changing seasons. Niger is basically always really warm, hot or super crazy hot. There aren’t a lot of trees and seeing real grass is a treat and hard to find in Niger. So while I don’t miss the freezing cold of winter, I do miss seasons like leaves changing, gentle rain and crisp air. So this fall our family has really been enjoying the beautiful colors of fall and riding our bikes and going for long walks.
So here, in photos, is what we have been enjoying in God’s beautiful creation this fall! (Oh, by the way- when i go bike riding I only bring my phone for a camera- so some photos look a little grainy! sorry!)

My Uncle passed away while we were in Niger and there is a memorial bench for him alongside a favourite walking path. IMG-20120909-00410

A old train bridge out in the countryIMG-20120916-00429

Red Deer has amazing bike paths and we have been enjoying them a lot as a family!IMG-20120921-00446

Paddleboats on the pondIMG-20120921-00455

Long bike rides with my best friend!

Amazing sunsetsIMG_9542

Enjoying harvest with a friendIMG_8747

First snow fall! Thankfully it didn’t last long!IMG_9571

Enjoying several weeks of puppy sitting the best dog in the World means lots of time on the parks!IMG_9631

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