Saturday, July 14, 2012

The first few weeks

So we have been back in Canada just over two weeks now. It has been a whirlwind. We were home only 5 days  before Paul and I had to leave to go to Winnipeg to attend the C&MA bi-annual General Assembly.

So we flew home from Niger, did a few appointments and got over jet lag and then we headed out again. We left our kids at my parents house and they were totally thrilled. They went swimming every day, stayed up late, ate yummy food and basked in love from family. We had been able to take in a family reunion weekend with Paul’s family as well and it was so great to see so many people.


We went to many meetings, Chantelle taught a seminar, we had great lunch and supper dates with amazing workers from around the country and met many Pastors and support staff face to face. A highlight for me was the worship. Every night there was an amazing worship band and we were free to sing and worship with 600+ people. What fresh water to my soul after 4 years in Niger!

Paul and I got special permission to leave Assembly one day early to go to an important family wedding in Canmore. Danielle was a close cousin to Paul growing up and then a dear friend to Chantelle when we lived in Calgary and were in a womens group together for several years. We are so thrilled we were able to make it to celebrate her wedding day! We have missed so many family events the past 4 years that this one was a priority since we were back in the country! Their mountain location was stunning and my eyes feasted on the beauty and flowers and mountains. I love the mountains and have really missed them!


After the ceremony we took a bunch of photos. Our kids were still in Red Deer with my parents since we came straight from the airport, but here is a favorite one of Paul and I !


Now we are back in Red Deer and I am working to finish a major report for our School Feeding Program in Niger. Three years of feeding = over $60,000, close to 200,000 individual meals prepared and a village who has grown in success and health. We are so proud of them! This program is drawing to a close for our team and hopefully being taken over soon by a partner who will continue to work with this village.


Monday we are leaving on a little vacation with Chantelle’s family down to Idaho. We are staying in a cabin and condo and relaxing at the lake, exploring Yellowstone and enjoying many BBQ’s, games nights, cups of coffee and long talks. Can’t wait to see my brother and his family and my nephews too!

Between me and my sister I am sure we will have thousands of pictures, so stay tuned for a blog a few weeks from now!