Monday, June 11, 2012

Game day

Wednesday was the last day for this year at NVOC that we would be all together in our classes with the girls. Next week is their final exam for three days and the week after that is a few days where they are going to finish up their sewing projects and then it’s the year end party!

So rather than spend the day doing our normal Math, French and life skills class, we decided to make it a fun day. The Girls have certainly earned it with all their hard work!

We surprised them in the morning with a giant bag filled with fabric. The fabric was the funky custom blue design with our school’s logo and tree of life in Hot Pink. So it is custom fabric for the school that all the staff and students will get and we will also use for many projects!

The catch was that the girls had to each WIN their fabric! We had a lot of different games planned and with each game there would be a few girls who would win. Once they won once, they could still help their team-mates win, but would not get a second fabric.


First up was a class favourite- BINGO! We have played this a few times over the year to do numbers review and writing numbers practice. At the end, 5 happy girls had their roll of fabric!


Next up we went outside and Cecilia played the WATER AND SPOONS game. We divided the girls up into teams and each team had a bowl of water and a spoon. They had to race back and forth using their spoon to fill a team cup across the courtyard. There was tons of laughter and it was a very tight race! At the end, there were more happy girls!






Next up. A classic game that involved a whole lot of hugging! We again divided new teams, and each group got a round ball of firm soap. Each team had to pick up their soap from the bench, run across the courtyard, come back and pass it off to the next girl. She would then run and pass it on until every girl had done it. The key was the soap could not touch their hands! They had to pass and carry the soap only using their necks!

The funniest was the see them try to frantically pass the soap (which was not that slippery) to the next girl by hugging and clenching their necks together and pressing their bodies together in funny ways. They loved this race! It really reminded me that kids don’t learn games in this culture. Even in most of the primary schools here they don’t learn games and there is such a gap in their creativity and capacity to do games, crafts etc. It was so fun to see their inner child come out!

Picking it up


Passing the soap


The winners rejoice!


The Human Knot

A classic game on untying the human knot. They loved this one too! The fastest team won their fabric!





Speed popcorn

This quick game, with only 8 girls left who had not yet won their fabric, was done in teams of two. One girl sat, blindfolded, right behind her partner. Her job was to be the arms of her partner, and feed her a cup of popcorn as fast as possible. First empty cup won!





The Chicken Dance

This past September, we had a team of short term women come from Canada to work with some of our girls. One of the fun activities they did together during sewing breaks was to teach them the Chicken Dance! The girls loved it and one of the ladies even mailed me a disc with the real music on it. So we pulled it out again and taught all the girls. They are going to practice it and perform it for a video during their party on the 20th, so I will post that online when I can! The final girls, to win their fabric, gave us all a little concert of the chicken dance and then everyone joined in!





Well that’s a wrap! All the fabric for this year is distributed and we had a blast.I am so thankful for such a fun day to just really enjoying being with the girls. Next up- it’s their exam time! Thank you for praying for them during these next three days!

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Beth said...

It's interesting to see the games that you choose and how much the girls enjoy them! How fun to see that child in them come out and all the laughter that must be generated! That fabric looks really cute!