Thursday, May 17, 2012

Village Agriculture aid

Last week I went out to a nearby village where my co-worker Kristi is working with a widely dispersed Fulani village. We have helped this village in the past with grain aid and so far have not been overly impressed with their own work to better their lives, but we are not ones to give up too soon! So Kristi and our leadership decided to do some training with agricultural agents and the local farmers on how to improve their crop success using new planting methods and improved seed and fertilizer and then to provide a small input of these items to those who attended all the training days.

When you drive out there you cross a lot of barren, sandy land with rarely a green shrub or wispy tree in sight. We parked at the chief’s hut with a straw shelter built right next to it.


This is the land that the people have to work with. Hot and full of sand with very little annual rainfall. You can see the dried stalks from a few bits of last year’s millet stalks.


The farmers came from within a 15 km radius walking, on bicycle, donkey cart, moto or a taxi.


The delivery truck arrived and offloaded the sacks of improved seed and fertilizer.



Here is Kristi working the crowd and directing people and calling names of the list 5 at a time. 5 people would share 40kg of fertilizer.


5kg bags of improved millet seed and a tiny packet of insecticide were given to each farmer who had taken the training.


Charles came out for the day too and had a tough job of repacking some of the bags of fertilizer into the right portion size where there were not enough people to easily share a big sack. It was hot, sweaty work in the sun!


As the items stacked up a donkey cart with children came over a rise on the hill. 6 of the cutest kids were bringing it to carry home the load of seeds and fertilizer for families in their area.




As always, I am drawn to their sweet faces!



Will  you join us in praying that this agricultural teaching will really be well implemented in the fields and that the rains will be favourable this year? With two famine years in the past three harvests, they really need it!


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