Friday, April 06, 2012

Works of art- projects in progress!

Lately, a large group of people have all been working together in different ways to create numerous, beautiful projects to support our Girls at Risk school.

Chantelle is going on her one year home assignment next year and her role will be switching to a year of speaking engagements and advocacy for what we are going here in Niger. God has provided four awesome ladies to keep loving the girls and teaching and running the school and we are so thankful for this!! Her and Kristi (who is also going on home assignment and who works with women in the villages here) are planning several large multi-church events where we look at not only the plight of women in developing nations, but women’s issues at home and a variety of ways to address the plight of women around the World.

Some of our large events are going to have super awesome silent auction and meal/desert nights! There will be MANY things from Niger, lots even made by the girls themselves!

Here is Amina hard at work at a crocheted scarf. Girls who are finished all their required crochet projects for the class curriculum are now busy making fun striped scarves in tons of colors for us!


We will also be auctioning of their baby knit sets. All hand made with love!


The Girls have also sewn up a lot of clothes for little girls


And the hard work has not stopped with the girls! There is an awesome group of women here in Niger who are really supportive of our school as well. They have donated their time to putting together some pretty awesome, african fabric based pillow cases and placemat and napkin sets for us too! We are also working on wall hangings and a few other surprises!


Kristi hard at work on her new machine sewing row after row of funky african fabric strips!


A workbee day saw a bunch of women show up to bless us with their sewing skills. Many hands make fast work!



Check out these decorative pillow cases!


And let’s not forget our girls beading group. We are trying to have as large a stock of their beaded bracelets and necklaces as possible to take home with us. I might fill one whole suitcase at this rate!




The girls bead all the strands together for the necklaces and Kerrianne helps them put the final touches on them to make sure the clasps are secure and classy.



All this to say there is a lot of work going on, by a lot of dedicate young ladies and women. We are so thankful!

If you know of anyone who would be willing to donate their time to do the final quilting step (back home in Canada and we would provide the front art and back piece) we would appreciate it! We are hoping to have 6-8 wall hangings that are roughly 2 feet by 3 feet and 2-3 twin size quilts. If you are interested, please email us at

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