Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What is a girl worth?

I have been researching and immersing myself in books related to the value of girls in different societies. I am shocked often by how wide the gap is across the world in different cultures and countries. Across my reading I came across some great thoughts and quotes. So I would like to share them here, along with some new portraits of some of our girls. They have VALUE. They are LOVED and CHERISHED and it is such a joy and honour to be part of their lives!


So what is a girl worth?

Maybe we could say:
...she is worth having her sexual purity protected

… she is worth advocating for. She needs you to stand up for her and her rights

…she is worth telling the truth to

…she is worth protecting from all kinds of abuse and violence and neglect.

…she is worth educating

…she is worth nurturing, mentoring and engaging in real conversation

..she is worth loving as Christ loves the Church, His Bride



Zuwera here has scars all up her arms and she is very self- conscious and feels no one could ever love her. Oh how I long for her to feel loved and accepted. I pray she gets that from us, but more importantly knows there is a God who loves her and knows she is beautiful!


Mentoring is an intentional relationship that is unlike any other.

It is not about knowing something. That is education.

It is not about learning to do something. That is training.

Mentoring is about showing someone how to be something.

Jesus mentored his disciples. He did not offer theoretical instruction. He “did life” with them.



His Grace says “even though (something happened)…I ALWAYS will LOVE you and ACCEPT YOU”

He’ll always see you as the precious, beautiful, sweet girl He created.

But evidence of Him is so obvious on the darkest of canvas like your stories…such beauty blooms when we reach out and ask for reminders of our worth–it’s our worship to turn toward affirmation, for our hearts know the truth.



To be able to walk this road with these girls.

To see God take them from defeat to success, from self doubt to confidence.

That is the best job in the world!



Kim said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! My heart soars reading this. <3

Anonymous said...

What magnificently beautiful women. God Loves them soooo much.