Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Recently we returned from a trip in Europe. We have had really poor internet since then so I am a little slow putting up some blogs, but I still will for you avid readers and our family!



We left for Turkey on November 19th and starting on the 21st we had an intensive course to attend with other workers from the North Africa region. I mean intensive as it was 830am to 7pm with only a one hour lunch break! So thankful that we also had excellent child care provided for us and the kids had a blast making crafts, exploring the beach and playing with the other kids.

After this intensive course there was a retreat and spiritual growth conference, where we saw many other workers from this region join us for 4 days. It was an excellent time of learning, reading, listening to the speakers who had come from Canada and to get to know new people. We rarely meet the people in our region. In fact, this is the first time our team has ever been able to attend this conference and we are thankful for that unique opportunity this year. We spent time speaking with other workers, many of whom also work in really difficult places and we could share strategies, stories, plans and prayers. I came away with many new contacts and ideas!

During the retreat part we had afternoons free for several hours and enjoyed exploring the nearby coastal town and playing with the family. There are many more photos available on my Facebook page in my Turkey album, but here are a few favourites.

Beach time. The kids loved the water, seeking new beautiful rocks, and Bennett and Daddy had a great time challenging themselves to build higher and higher rock statues.




We played cards one night with the younger crowd. The hotel lobby had all these huge tables and couches which was perfect for groups. It was late and Arielle stayed up and enjoyed all the people, But Bennett fell fast asleep on a couple cushions on the floor covered with two scarves. All that running on the beach must have tired him out! I love how flexible my children are when we travel and stay new places. They fly well, can fall asleep anywhere and love new people!


One afternoon we went into nearby Antalya and explored the old town and harbour and did some shopping.




IMG_0655I love Calamari and this was super fresh!




Look, here we all are! Stay tuned for a new blog or two from our vacation days after Turkey!


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