Monday, November 07, 2011

The container arrives!

Last week, just as our team was in the middle of a conference, we got the great news that the 40 foot container that was sent from Alberta to Niger had arrived and cleared customs! YAY!


Paul and Roger left to go take delivery of this container in front of the Chen’s house. One little hiccup is that the container hauling truck had arrived with no crane or anything to get the container OFF the truck. It seems the didn’t quite read their paperwork to know we owned the container, and they expected it to be rented and for us to empty it in a few hours and they would drive away with it. So after a little 24 hour delay we finally got it off the truck, onto the ground and open!

Then came the hard work of unloading! The majority of the container contained the Chen and Cheung household items as well as donated medical supplies.

An organization called IMED had a large stock of donated medical supplies which we emptied into the Chen’s yard to be sorted before we distributed it amongst two regional health units in Niger.




There were dental chairs, hospital beds and delivery tables as well! This is our poor man's forklift – 5 guys carrying a hospital bed!


An autoclave


This is a CATSCAN machine. There is only one machine in Niger, in the National Hospital in Niamey. With this addition, which I believe our Dr. is donating to a regional hospital, we will double their CATSCANS to 2. There are trained operators, but no machines. This will be a fantastic addition to the country’s medical infrastructure.


Here I am doing my part to be a true African and moving boxes on my head!


It was like Christmas Day for the Chen family. They have been living out of suitcases for 3 months and finally all of their stuff arrived, just in time to move into their house, which also finished up work this week. God’s timing is perfect!


Paul was very excited to get a box of equipment he ordered for the shop. Another container arrived in the country last week that also carried some welding machines for us, so we are ready to go now with the apprentices!


There were also some mattresses that came to use in our guest house. We stacked them onto the flat roof rack of our Land Cruiser. We didn’t have any straps with us, and since we only had to go 5 blocks on a dirt road, this is yet another “African” solution! haha! Fred stood on the window and kept them from shifting while I SLOWLY drove the 5 blocks. It worked!



And finally – our own boxes! My sister Leanne had packed 2 boxes with some goodies for us. We got some great stuff like Peanut Butter, salad dressing, raisins, bacon bits, coffee, fruit bars, Splenda sugar, Shake ‘n Bake chicken mix, and some craft supplies. Thanks Leanne!


See how well you know us. Each one of us picked our favorite item we received and put it on a table. Can you guess which person goes with which item? Let me know in the comments! There is:

a) Kicking Horse coffee beans

b) canned Salmon

c) A kids toothbrush

d) chocolate/caramel candies


And Paul’s other favourite item? This AWESOME Canadian welding helmet! He needed a new helmet, so why not go in style!!!



Di said...

Salmon = Paul
Coffee = Chantelle (DUH!!!)
Toothbrush = Ariel
Candy = Bennet.

Loved seeing this all unload. Thinking that Fred should have tried to move those mattresses African style on his head :) - Happy that all of you got your goodies FINALLY.

Pamela in Calgary, AB said...

What a great update!! That medical equipment is truly a God-given gift! I was smiling, thinking of all the people who will benefit from having it.

I'm taking a guess here re: the coffee table items. I'm going as follows:

Coffee - Chantelle
Salmon - Paul
Toothbrush - Ariele
Chocolates - Bennett

I pray for you often and with joy. Miss you much, and I look forward to your continued blog posts!