Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Hello again, it is time for another instalment of tidbits! Basically that blog where I fill you in on the little things and fun stuff and you have to stay tuned for more info on the big things!

The kids built a big fort in the living room in front of the water cooler unit and insisted on sleeping in it a few nights. They spent many hours playing in it and building their “rooms”.



Arielle got to pick her bed first and choose the comfy chair. I have a feeling in the middle of the night it was not so comfy anymore…


Bennett spread out on his kids couch with all his toys, books and kleenex and water around him. However, sleeping 2 feet in front of the cooler fan unit proved to be a little noisy for him. So…the sleeping in the fort only lasted 2 nights until the calm and cool and safety of Mom and Dad’s room beckoned to them again!


Now that the short term team is gone I can get back into a regular schedule! And that includes my Tuesday morning time with Miriama and her family! So happy to see them all again, practice language and be together! Here is Miriama and our happy little buddy Jabaguru!


No Tuareg household visit is complete without tea!


And one of my cleanup projects finally got done. I have a large suitcase and a large plastic bag totally full of assorted african fabric scraps. My good intention was to not let them go to waste but to use them for a quilt. So last Saturday me and the kids tackled it!

This suitcase and giant bag of scraps is now……



4 neat 3 inch high stacks of 4-inch squares! All ready to be made into quilt projects! But that is the story for another blog!


Paul is busy with his own work and also trying to help a co-worker get his house ready to be liveable and I don’t have any pictures of that- but I promise later this week I will get you some and tell you all about the cool work he is doing with his apprentices as well!

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Dorrie Hansen said...

Hi Chantelle, I've enjoyed your tidbits so much. What fun to see Bennet's & Arielle's fort (wonder if they've been inspired by friends' straw huts?) and to see your picture of Miriama. I'm glad you had at least one week to enjoy "normal living" before girls' school started again. Please give your kids a hug for me--now I miss Them! And I'm off to see your NVOC blog! Dorrie