Thursday, August 18, 2011

Two years gone too fast

So today is a very sad day. This morning my dear friend Rebecca left the country of Niger. As many of you who follow our blog know, she has been a staple in our lives here in Niger the past two years! Let me show you a little of the things we did….


Both Rebecca and I love the Tuareg tea and we went through pounds of it with our friends!


We celebrated marriages, birthdays, baptisms, and anything else that came up together!




Goofing around the Grain Aid distribution program the day we also handed out blankets to the families. 20100908-IMG_1724-3

We love having Chapatta sauce together at Miriama’s hut most every Tuesday!




Rebecca also made excellent friends with many of the young women we work with and get to enjoy spending so much time with. Aminata will miss you so much too!


And what would I have done if Rebecca had not been here to help launch the “Girls at Risk” school here in Niger? Clearly her help, teaching, support, work behind the scenes and dedication is irreplaceable. We tackled something we felt clearly called to do but that seemed huge and daunting, and we did it!  We will all miss you this year at the school Rebecca! You have left your mark and we can’t wait ‘til you walk through the School doors again.




So I am sad that she is gone. I shed some tears. When loading photos for the blog I realized that she is in every single month folder of photos. We did so much together. We shopped, went to the tailors, went to church, went out for weekly breakfasts, picked up the kids, visited Nationals, sat in the moonlight, worked out, watched movies, laughed, cried, ranted and raged, napped, took walks, swam with the kids, read stories to the kids, celebrated birthdays, baked, and so much more. Seriously- she has been not only an excellent close co-worker, but my best friend. Ok….now I am making myself cry again.


I send her off with joy though. I am excited for what these next two years of study and life in Calgary will bring her. She is getting a Master’s Degree in the same area I have a Master’s Degree in, so that will be fun! She can enjoy the changing weather, lots of coffee shops, parks, family and grocery stores. I know she will be blessed by those of you around her and be a blessing in return wherever she points her considerable energy and enthusiasm. Rebecca is hoping to return to Niger long term in two years- and we can’t wait!



Anonymous said...

It's apparent you were not only a 'gift' to Chantelle and the team, but also became an amazing friend. All God's best Rebecca as you complete your degree. We look forward to hearing about you and your progress in the future.

Rebecca said...

You're making me cry!