Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back with friends

Here we are back in Niger, just ready to jump into a massive amount of fun/work/excitement/busy-ness/joy with a short term team arriving tonight from Rockpointe Alliance in Calgary, Alberta. More about them in a blog to come!

I got to spend a wonderful day back in the hut of my dear friend Miriama. I go to Miriama’s hut most Tuesdays. We enjoy work, language practice, bracelet making, deep discussions and good “chapatta” sauce for lunch! This past two years Rebecca has often gone with me and sadly this was the last time that will happen since Rebecca leaves Niger Thursday to pursue school in Canada. BOOHOO!!


Our favourite little boy with the hugest smile!


Oh so yummy Chapatta sauce to eat with fresh bread.


While we were sitting there, the clouds in the distance started to get dark an ominous.

_MG_9954You can see the orange dust cloud forming in the distance and headed our way- a sure sign rain is soon to follow!


Miriama doing her happy dance- we all love the rain here!


We went to gather the children from playing with the kids down the street before the rain began.



And then it started to pour! We were inside her hut and nice and dry! We enjoyed cups of hot tea and talked while the rain fell. The kids couldn’t resist playing outside of course. The played just across from us under the roof shelter (open sides) where they enjoyed the cool air and played games with Miriama’s little brother.

Catching the one drip by the door


Bennett kept making us laugh with his goofy poses.




Rain is precious in Niger. It nourishes the crops, beats down the dust and freshens the air. Ah- a perfect afternoon with good friends, cool rain and hot tea!


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