Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The rains come thundering down…

We could feel the rains coming. For the past two days it has been insufferably hot but also really humid. Yuck. I kept thinking that soon it had to rain! And sure enough this afternoon it did! The preceding orange dust storm blew in around 1530, then the rain began to fall. It was falling so hard it was coming down sideways!

Rain is always a big joy here and we love to go outside in it. The kids especially love these times. Here are some pictures of their fun this afternoon!

The rain pouring out of the outlets for the roof


Riding their bikes on the patio in the rain


Bennett is the first to brave the “waterfall”


But Arielle wasn’t far behind, after happily stripping to her underwear!


And then came the mud. Of the joys of mud pies!





Jill, Greg, Bob the Dog, and Kitty the Cat said...

When it rained like that in Cameroon I would go out and wash my hair in the downpour off the roof, as rainwater's supposed to be good for hair. It always felt so good after being so hot to feel that chill of the water.

Michelle Hebert said...

The boys would gladly keep their cousins company! Oh what fun!

Di said...

Looks like good old fashioned fun to me. Love that they seem to be enjoying every moment!