Monday, July 11, 2011

Messages for You Part One

Friday July 1st we had our year end party at the Girls at Risk school here in Niger. The Wednesday before that we had our last class and we took a lot of time playing games like Bingo and also focusing on the things we are thankful for! We looked at a large World map and talked about all the people who support this school and who pray for the girls and for their families and health and success.

The class broke into their small groups and each group got some paint and large rolls of paper. They had two assignments. One was to draw a mural with pictures of all the kinds of things they had learned this past year at the school. Then they presented to the class all the different things they learned. Some of the drawings were pretty funny! Here is one group showing Math, literacy, clothing they learned to sew, some skits on mosquito nets and clean food preparation, dancing in a circle and some other stuff.



Here is a group from the afternoon class explaining their poster. They have our colourful tree logo, the classroom, sewing machine, clothing, anti malaria, mosquito nets, and some other skits along with their names. They were proud to show how much they had learned!


I also made an appearance on most of their posters. Don’t I look great here teaching math! Smile



Then their second assignment was to come up with one phrase that they wanted to express to all their supporters. They discussed as a group what they would want to tell their supporters, what was most important to them. I then took these phrases and wrote them on poster board for them and took pictures with their thoughts.

Check out these photos. Please take to heart that they are speaking to YOU! These are the things they want to tell you, the things they are thankful for and the way YOU have changed their lives with your support. There are quite a few pics so I am going to do two posts about this!

Enjoy. Be blessed!







Judy said...

I just love it so much! They are so beautiful!

Beth said...

I've given away the necklaces that I bought and they were a big when they saw the logo they all wanted to know about the school. It's fun to give gifts that provide exposure for something God is doing in Niger!