Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Lazy days of summer

Another blog! Don’t worry, I go in spurts and will go slowly after this Smile

Just wanted to post a few pictures of one of our African summer days!


We visited the home of one of our favourite families this afternoon. The kids all love playing together.

Bennett loves to make tea with Fatima.


Arielle and Raichatou with the baby.



Their Mom Sakki braided Arielle’s hair this afternoon with traditional Tuareg braids. It looks great!


Raichatou is 15 years old and is one of the students at our “Girls at Risk” school. Many girls her age here are already married off with young children of their own. I can’t imagine her little brother here being her son! So thankful she has a chance to stay in school!


Henna manicures – Canadian style with Sharpie markers!


This is Paul’s version of a good afternoon. Here he is hard at work on the house for our newly arriving teammates. They didn’t really want a kitchen wall or door did they?


Sledgehammering is good for his soul. Look at his big grin!


That’s all for now! More lazy summer stories to come!


Anonymous said...

Ah! I miss you all so much! Acadeka's clan is all looking great! And I love Arielle's hair!

Anonymous said...

Paul - that doesn't look like a lazy summer day!

Chen family said...

THANK YOU! MERCI BEAUCOUP!! Rog would have had fun sledgehammering with Paul but we do appreciate the work ahead of time! Can't wait to be there with you all!