Wednesday, June 22, 2011

When it rains…it pours figuratively and literally!


It has been a rough few days in Niger! A few days ago there was some major rain and there was a big water leak into the Girls School, as well as a substantial leak in the roof of our Director’s house (who is currently on vacation). So Paul was working on that. Then today, when we went to back out of our driveway, our rear tire dropped down in the middle of our driveway, having fallen through the septic tank area! Apparently the initial construction was shoddy (shocking i know!) and over time underground all the sand was getting washed away, leaving a large hollow under a foot of topsoil and hard packed gravel. Well it was just a matter of time until that came to light and it collapsed! So all day today Paul and 2 Tuareg men were doing major excavation and trying to find the edges of the cavern, which they will now have to fill.



Then early this evening (around 530pm) a major storm blew into Niamey. We could see the orange of the sandstorm approaching and closed all our windows up tight. It was still bright daylight out when it hit, and in just moments the sky turned deep orange like this:


After maybe 20 minutes of severe winds and sand, the rain started to pound down. I went out to take a video quick and realized, OUR TREE HAD BLOWN DOWN!  Ack….make that TWO trees! Our two big nice trees in the yard were both at extreme angles. The worst was our front yard tree which had completely fallen onto our gate and fence and was pulling over the electrical lines! Our guard was trying to prop it up with a metal rake! The picture is all grainy because it was really dark and high winds!


After another 20 minutes the rain let up and light returned to the sky.

Here is what my tree looked like as the guards starting hacking down the pieces that had broken off and were stuck on the electrical wires.


The other tree in my side yard.


I am really hoping to salvage the trees significantly. Our yard is depressing and dirt anyhow and I really love those trees!

Just another day in the desert I guess! I will try to get the video to load in the next few days and show it to you!

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