Friday, June 17, 2011

The start of summer break


This week is full of year end activities, goodbyes and starting to think about the summer! Well, the weather is already scorching summer of course, but our time and activities will significantly change now, at least for a little while!

Here is Bennett at his year end Taekwondo presentation. Look at the totally intense look on his face. He earned his yellow belt. He likes Taekwondo a lot and his teacher said he was really good and should continue- “He has the fight potential of a warrior but the gentle spirit of a leader” is what he said. Congrats Bennett!


Arielle likes to visit our Girls at Risk school and interact with the girls. The girls all want to play with her, have her sit with them etc, so it is good to help Arielle get over being so shy! There is still two weeks left at the Girls school, so I think the kids will be visiting often!

Here is Arielle and her buddy Rafiyatou.


And today is the LAST day of school! YAY! Many of their friends, especially their international friends, are leaving for the summer, so it will be quiet. We are looking forward to spending time with local friends who have little kids and some good family time, especially in July before our work really ramps up again in August with short term teams coming. Both kids did excellent on their report cards and Arielle will be in Kindergarten next year and Bennett moves to Grade 1. wowzers! Time flies!

In celebration of the last day of school –the sky threw a party! Check out this dust storm! (I purposefully put the flash on low so you could catch all the dust in the air too!)


And now I can hear the rain hammering down. We love rainy season!

So tell me, what are YOU most looking forward to doing over the summer?

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