Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Strangely enough, we actually found this hedgehog in my hedge!

I came home from work to find Bennett and our guard had found this little guy in our yard and had thought it would be great fun to introduce him to our turtle Harriet!


I don’t think the Heddy (the Hedgehog) was ready to make friends yet. When we took the turtle out Heddy finally unfurled and started to walk around the wagon. He was fast. And believe it or not, almost faster than my shutter speed! I set my camera on high action fast shutter and was shocked when his instantaneous reaction to any sound (my shutter) would lightning fast duck his head and start to curl. It took me almost a dozen tries to get this on where you can still see his head!


He was trying to find his way out!


And here he is, cute as a button, all curled up! Just another one of the great visitors we get to see here in Niger!



Dave said...

Very cute! I'm sure Rog and Mira's kids will love playing with your pets. We were thinking about you guys this past weekend as Rog and Mira were visiting our congregation. They're such wonderful people. I'm sure they'll be a huge blessing for your team!

Anonymous said...

Aw Chantelle...I love these little guys - had them in New Zealand. I'm sure Harriet will build a relationship with him/her...animals are soo amazing. Let us know when u name him/her...:) heather

Anonymous said...

Awesome! We found a couple baby ones in Tanzania that my wife and kids tried to nurse back to health. One didn't make it but one did and really opened up once he got used to us. (Unfortunately met his demise at the hand of army ants when we left him outside for a night!) Enjoy!!