Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mango Citrus Jam

Yesterday Bennett and I made Mango Jam! Arielle preferred to play with her dolls, but Bennett wanted to help in the kitchen. Back in Canada our pantry was filled with a wide variety of jams I had made, but I never seem to have the time here in Niger to keep up the habit. But yesterday we were determined. It is mango season so we took advantage of a plethora of cheap mangoes and made Mango Citrus Jam!


Cutting up 3 kilograms of Mangoes.

_MG_9569-2Zesting a dozen limes and squeezing their juice


Boiling it all up together


Adding the sugar ( the key ingredient to make sure it preserves a long time!)


My great helper (just wearing his underwear because it was so HOT in the kitchen!)


The finished product- 14 jars of yummy jam!


And just to show you how hot it had been inside my kitchen while we cooked!


And a little side note- Bennett and Harriet. If Bennett sits on the stair of our kitchen door with lettuce, Harriet will come eat it right out of his hand! She is getting bigger!


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