Saturday, April 30, 2011


A few glimpses from life

A team work bee party prepping 1500 mosquito nets for distribution




I took a new profile photo for my teammate Lisa. She is currently in Canada for a few months on a speaking tour and I am sure many of you will be getting this new photo on a card!


Village latrines and wells

Paul and Tim went out to the village where we have the school feeding program. They wanted to check the quality of the latrines we recently had built there and do some repair with a concrete saw. Paul was also able to help with a repair for the motor that they use in the school garden well.


Paul with the school staff on the right and middle, and his “military escort” watching over him from the left.


Easter celebrations

We went to a traditional Easter Egg hunt party on the lawn of the residence of the USA Ambassador.

Here are the kids in a race carrying an egg on a spoon. Can you see Bennett in the picture?


The toss an egg to your friend game


The Great Egg Hunt!

There were two separate egg hunts set up. One was for bigger kids, and one for younger kids. The big kids had trees to climb, bushes to crawl in etc. The younger kids had an open area with most of the eggs in fairly plain sight or just in a shrub you could see them in. Arielle wanted to be with the little kids and Bennett wanted to go on the big side and climb trees etc. Imagine his distress and the tears that flowed when they told him he was too little (along with a few of his friends) and that he needed to go to the little side.

In each location there was ONE golden egg well hidden. The child who got this golden egg won the big prize of a giant chocolate egg or white chocolate bunny.


They let the big kids start their hunt first since they required less supervision, then came over and started the little kids side. A few minutes later Arielle came running up to me with the golden egg for the little kids side! She found it all on her own in a shrub. She was so excited!


Once all the eggs were done in the little kids side, Bennett asked the man if he could go over to the big kids side to climb some trees and see if there were any eggs left. He said that would be ok, so off Bennett ran, about 20 minutes after the big kids had started (and mostly finished) the egg hunt on their side.

A few minutes later I heard a group of kids cheering and yelling, and saw Bennett running back over to me. In his hands, I could see something that looked suspiciously like the second golden egg! Sure enough, 20 minutes after the big kids had started and cleared out their area, Bennett went in, went commando crawling through bushes and found their golden egg!!  I guess he proved he can run with the big kids!

Both kids with their grand prizes!


Arielle enjoying some of her chocolate!


We also enjoyed a sunrise service and hanging out with friends on Easter. No pictures sorry!

We wish you all a wonderful Easter season. He is Risen!


canadasue said...

Your blog is always a good read... a reminder of the exquisite beauty of living... Life is Beautiful... so are your people!

Your Sis said...

Miss you guys!!! Thanks for the update! Man, the kids are getting BIG!!!

Judy said...

Indeed, a great read! Thanks again Chantelle! You guys are raising two clever little kids who will be well prepared for whatever life brings their way!

Joëlle said...

Merci pour les nouvelles et les (toujours!) jolies photos! :) J'aime toujours aller jeter un coup d'oeil et lire ce que tu as à raconter, chère blogueuse hors pair! :) À plus! :)