Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The kids birthdays!

March is the month of birthdays for our children. Bennett turned 6 on the 5th and Arielle will turn 5 on the 28th. So of course we had to party!!

On Bennett’s actual birthday he chose to go to his favourite pool at a hotel in town. It also has one of the best patches of grass in town, a rarity here. And he wasn’t ashamed to lie down in it!

I need to use two hands to tell you my age now!

20110305-_MG_7830-2Bennett's favorite pink flippers. He can swim all over the pool and dive with them on. A little nervous still without them in the deep end.


Can you spot the two white kids in the (or around) the pool? You might think – wow that pool is full! But you are only seeing the 1/3 of the pool that is shallow. The other 2/3 was EMPTY. I kid you not. None of these people could swim. They just all hung out in the shallow end, just like our toddlers! And more than a few of their “bathing suits” looked a whole lot like their underwear….


One of the great things about this hotel – the view. It is right on the edge of the Niger river! With all the blowing dust and haze, it had this great eerie quality about it later in the afternoon before we left.


Then on Sunday we had a joint birthday party for both kids and invited lots of their friends. We had planned activities of croquet, dunking for suckers, train set and a costume booth. Everyone had a blast!

Arielle dunking for suckers


The costume booth was a huge hit!




Beautiful Princesses


I love this shot of the boys!




The whole gang


Yummy cupcakes! Baked by Chantelle and Rebecca and decorated by Paul! Arielle wanted chocolate cupcakes and Bennett wanted strawberry, so that is what they got!




and of course they were spoiled with their presents from their friends.

Thanks to all of you!


Some portraits from the day



and look- even a rare look at the photographer who is always behind the lens! Rebecca and I had fun with some of the dress up clothes too!


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Anonymous said...

What a fun time - kids are getting so big and they look so happy. You're obviously doing a great job on all fronts. heather