Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The heat

The heat is here to stay. Everyday my handy dandy internet weather widget tells me doom and gloom. More temperatures over 44 degrees or higher and the official forecast- widespread dust. Yup. heat and dirt. Grit. i return from visiting friends and am covered in a film of dirt and my hair is crunchy and my teeth gritty with sand I inhaled. My water pressure is almost nil these days so it makes showering tricky too!

Here is a picture. From INSIDE my bedroom at 8:00 at night. You see the little temperature on the right hand side. It says 35.9 degrees Celsius. So thankful we have an air conditioner and this is the season we use it! I don’t care if it costs almost $10 a night to run it- we need to sleep!



I am not the only one who has issues with the heat. Our family member that handles it the worst is our computer! I am praying to get one more year out of our laptop although somedays it doesn’t look good! Here I am with our homemade freezer packs (made of frozen beans in fabric bags) both under and on top of my computer while I use it (I try to use the mouse or my graphic pad pen lots so i don’t need to access the keyboard)! The poor thing suffers from heat stroke and dies all too often!



Okay- enough trivial things about the heat. What do we expect after all- we live at the edge of the Sahara desert!

I wanted to give you a link to my friend Hope’s blog. She just wrote a great blog all about the problem of obstetric fistula’s here in Niger. This is one of the big risks that many girls face when they are married way too young, and one of the things we hope to save them from in our “Girls at Risk” school here in Niamey. Thanks to Hope for writing about it so eloquently! Click below to go to her blog! I also stole the picture below from her!

Hope's blog about the problem on fistula's in Niger


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