Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bennett dancing

Just so you don’t think it is all work and no play (and now that I know how to use video!) here is a video of Bennett dancing. It was just after supper and my iPod randomly shuffled to an upbeat song from my workout mix. Well Bennett just jumped up and started to bust a move. This is really how he dances Smile

Bennett dancing from SaharaLive on Vimeo.


Leanne said...

I think that Emmett may be trying to pick up some of those moves. He wanted Mommy to press the 'button' 'again' so that we could watch it over!

Judy said...


Deborah Johnston said...

I have that song, too. It seems to have that effect on little boys...my 6 year old likes to boogie, too. :) Very cute. :)