Friday, February 11, 2011

Where did January go?


One of our favourite little boys – Ibrahim. The boy who is perpetually dirty, snotty and half naked, but with the biggest grin you will ever see!


It seems like the month of January just flew by! And i barely updated you! Sorry! So, after our return from vacation, here is what went down, in short format!


Arielle and Lily wearing their matching dresses! We bought two in Seville, Spain and Lily and Arielle loved their dresses and look so darn cute together!



Paul finished off his project of making 30 metal chairs for Sahel Academy. It took a really long time and he is happy to be done! Now one of our local Tuareg guys who is a painter is painting the final product. Here is Paul goofing around showing how strong his chairs are!


The kids had a carnival day at school where they played all afternoon and won lots of little prizes and had fun!

20110205-IMG_6831-2We also had special visitors in January when Rebecca’s parents came to visit. We enjoyed many great times with them and especially the kids!


We also learned that some games can easily cross cultural and language barriers! Myra brought out a bunch of toy water guns and we brought them out to Fatima’s house. The kids had a BLAST playing water fight and chasing each other all over the yard. (And as you can see in one pic- Bennett chasing the goats!)


We also brought some plastic night flares. You crack these and they stay lit for up to 12 hours! As night fell and we only had the moon overhead, the kids enjoyed writing in the sky with the green sticks and I used slow motion photography to capture them. Even some of the adults got involved!

20110124-_MG_0566And then there is also sadness. For many years we have had this huge tree right outside our gate.

268It shaded the garden we put outside, the guards straw hut, and was the home to many a weary and hot soul who came to sit on the base of it to visit and escape the unrelenting sun. The tree was a part of our house! Bennett loved playing around it and climbing it too. We had dreams of a tire swing…


Yesterday the city came and cut it down! They are building a wall around the school across the street. The school argued they need a very large courtyard (why?) and that the wall needed to be moved waaayyyyy over to our side of the street. So they shut down our garden, cut down our giant tree, and are moving the entire road over about 10 feet. Yup, that will put it directly in front of our front door. Only a metre off. Not only does it make this road much more dangerous and narrow, it also creates a blind corner and will make it tight to get into our gate. We are NOT happy. Some of the neighbours have tried to fight it since its placement seems highly illogical and dangerous to all of us. But we are just small people. As the people from the mayor said “there is a lot of money, and a lot of people with money, involved.”.  Sigh- seems like the African way.


Please pray for safety as we now have a busy road directly in front of our house. Not sure how long we want to live in this house now.

So…that’s the update for now! I have muffins in the oven for our team potluck tomorrow night so i guess i better get going!



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Anonymous said...

How sad!!! That tree was like a 7/11 or a coffee shop---a regular neighbourhood "institution"!! Will the guards house have to come down too???
Beverley McIver