Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Update from the road

Hi there. I know we haven't been online much. However, our internet has been inconsistent and we have been a little bit busy :) Suffice it to say our vacation has been peaceful, exciting, beautiful to the eyes and relaxing on the heart. A good place to recharge, spend time with family, take snapshots and play with the kids. Couldn't ask for more. I am working on a New Year's/December update newsletter but with little internet and a tiny netbook computer, we are a little lo-tech at the moment. Here are some snapshots to enjoy from our trip. Will write more when I can. We have one week of vacation left and tomorrow we head to Morocco!


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Anonymous said...

What magnificent shots. I'm enjoying the arm chair travel again Chantelle. Thank you for including us in your vacation time. SIncerely heather