Sunday, December 19, 2010

My parents come to Niger!

Sorry it has been a while between posts. We have been super busy here! Year end, vacation looming and no shortage of people and projects throwing last minute deadlines at us have kept us hopping! But on to the good news!
We are thrilled that last Sunday Chantelle’s parents arrived in Niger! This is their first ever trip to Africa and has already been quite the adventure! We have lots of pictures loaded on Facebook (Chantelle’s profile) if you want to see more, but here are just a few!










P1040454   P1040332


We are thrilled to have them near to us and are cherishing every moment. We leave late Wednesday night from Niger to go on vacation all together for a few weeks where we got a cheap flight to Southern Spain. We will try to keep you updated! Please pray for good transportation connections, flights that don’t get cancelled, no one to get sick and all our luggage to stay with us. But most of all, we are just SO thankful for this wonderful time together! Family is the best Christmas gift!

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Jennifer said...

Enjoy every minute guys! We're so glad to hear that you are together over the holidays!