Sunday, December 26, 2010

In the land of ham....

Greetings from the Andulcian region of Spain! That's the southern tip on the Med. sea that faces Africa.
We have installed ourselves into a little gorgeous house in this little village called Almachar. Want to check it out? Open up your google earth or similar program and fly to:

N 36 48'29.10" W 4 12'58.49"

This little village has tight windy cobblestone streets, an old church, grows most of its own produce, figs, olives and local wine. A great place to relax, play games, eat yummy food, go for long walks and take pictures, and late nights sitting up talking in front of a fire. It is cold here! It has been overcast and cooler weather (15 degrees!) has all of us in sweaters- but loving it!

Here are some pictures of our fun thus far. For more pictures, check out my facebook.

As always, language study seems to follow us wherever we go! Here it is Spanish obviously. I took Spanish many years ago and am happy to see how much of it is coming back to me. It is irritating and amusing how often the Tamasheq comes to mind first when I am trying to think of the Spanish! What a mess of languages we are! But we are laughing and making ourselves understood when needed. That is half the adventure right!

So what is the title of this post about? Well....we can certainly tell we aren't in a strong Muslim context anymore. There is ham everywhere! I kid you not when we walk down the street we can smell mouthwatering roasting ham in the streets. Check out this supermarket aisle...all hams!

Even ham Pringles! I guess you can't go wrong with ham!

Tomorrow we are off to a village called Ronda and then another day to relax in the village before we head to Sevilla.

Merry Christmas to you all! May this year be filled with joy, grace and many blessings!

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