Monday, December 06, 2010

Bike and Run

This Sunday for the second year Paul competed in a “Bike and Run”. It is teams of two who must race a course of 16km. One man will be on a bike while the other one rides. They can change off as often as they like and take turns riding/running. However every bike exchange must happen hand to hand, so no one can ride ahead, ditch the bike then run ahead while the other guy catches up to the bike.

Paul went with our friend Niell again this year. Niell (pronounced Nile like the river) is an Irish guy who is the Director of Concern International here in Niger. Paul, Niell and another friend do epic across the sand and brush and through villages rides every Saturday morning.


For more pictures of the event you can check out this link:

Good job Paul and Niell! In a country where there isn’t much to do, you make the best of all opportunities!

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