Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Tuareg wedding – final portraits

One final instalment. A short but sweet of some of my favourite shots of people. Hope you enjoyed the series!

There was this little girl named Fatimatou at the wedding. She was simply stunning and had the most fantastic outfit. She liked to sit next to me while I took some photos and look at the back of the screen where she could see them. Then of course we took a few of her. I love them! One of these is definitely going to end up on my display wall on canvas.



ElWitr has the most stunning, piercing blue eyes. And she refuses to smile for photos but puts on a severe stare everytime. Her little boy has her same eyes, but thankfully likes to smile :)


Arielle and her new friend.  Arielle looks like she has porcelain skin here and you can just see that she is getting freckles!


Famu and Raichatou. These two sisters go everywhere together and even had matching outfits. Both girls are registered for our training program starting in 3 weeks. The dark blue veil they are wearing is called “Allashow” and it is the traditional fabric of the Tuaregs. In all the movies the dark indigo turbans you see the Tuaregs wearing is this fabric. On important days they rub their faces and hands a little bit with this fabric and the dye comes off a bit, leaving them a little blue.


Fatimatou and her older sister Ramatou.


One more of Fatimatou


Bennett and Arielle all dressed up to go out!


Kids at play


And finallyl, back to the beautiful bride! Her wedding day shot and then a few days later at her house looking much more relaxed and happy. I bought her this veil when I was in Dubai last April and she was very pleased with it. Her favourite color! We are pleased to tell you all she is happily set up in her new little cement two room house and seems to be doing well.

Aminata is one of our teacher/translators for our training program, so you will see more about her in the future!


Thanks for sharing this journey of a Tuareg wedding!

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Beverley McIver said...

Chantelle, I was so excited to see the picture of Aminata wearing the pashmina you purchased for her at Muneer's shop. She looks beautiful in it. Thank you for the blog posts you did of her wedding. It has been enlightening to see "first hand" how their traditions & customs are played out in this aspect of their culture. We are praying that your training program for the Tuareg girls will enable more young women to look forward with joy to their weddings, knowing that they are prepared for their new responsibilities. God bless you!! Mom McIver