Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Tuareg wedding- the party outside

The wedding day festivities actually took place is 4 distinct locations. I can’t show you how the groom and his friends celebrated since I never saw them. In the previous post I told you about how the bride was spending the day, so let’s look at how the other party goers passed their time!

This is the yard where Aminata’s family lives. We visit here every week. All of the women gathered in this place. It was a hot day (mid 40s Celsius) and every patch of shade was taken up. You can’t see them all in this photo, but there was close to 40 women crammed together under this wooden and straw structure we call a “hangar” here.

weddinghutwebweddingwomenweb weddingwomen4web

A bunch of us in the official two shades of “wedding fabric”.


The hut they lived in also had people in it. There were women everywhere!

weddingwomen2web weddingwomen3web

While all the women sat and visited, there was another party going on just 30 feet away. This was the real party place, where all the young people gathered. Our friends had taken a power line from a neighbours house and run it into this rented tent, with rented plastic chairs, and set up a boom box, precariously balanced on a chair. 


This kid kept making me laugh. He thought he was so cool!20100925-IMG_1824



Of course the little kids gravitated to the music spot and were busting a move just outside the tent cover. They didn’t care it was 40 degrees!

 weddingdaykids3webweddingkids02web weddingkids01web

Bennett wasn’t as excited by the dancing as the other kids, but he was still having fun. He found a tire and was rolling it all over the place for a while.


So all afternoon the women visited, the teens and 20s danced, and the kids goofed around as normal. Until it came time to eat…. But I think the food will be a post for next time!

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