Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our own garden of Eden


It seems like this past rainy season has done wonders for our garden. When we moved into this lot 2 years ago there were 3 scrawny short trees and nothing else. What a different a few years (and some gardening TLC) makes!

When we first moved in- June 2008. Our tree on the left was so small we were almost taller than it! That tree now has three levels and is a good 4 feet taller than the roof of the house!


And NOW!


Trying to plant a few things….


That same corner 2 years later!



The front of the house. You can see the mats hanging down (wet from rain) in the screen porch behind.


My basil bush shrub! I have two kinds of Basil grown here – a native Niger one and one that I planted from seeds bought in Italy. I am interested to see which will last longer, but they both taste and smell amazing! Anyone need some basil?


And if course Harriet likes all the foliage- to hide in and to eat!


Our front gate

20100905-_MG_1693 20100905-_MG_1692

Our fig tree! Last year I got maybe half a dozen full grown figs. Now this picture is just a little look at one part of a branch. I probably have 50 figs growing on it today alone!




So I have learned that things CAN be grown here in Niger! Even my poor attempt at a green thumb can’t mess it up, especially when our guards remember to water and weed even when I don’t!

So come visit our very own garden of Eden! It sure helps cut the sand and bleakness of the country!


Ellie said...

Looks absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to see such vibrant colors and growth and know that this is all growing in desert sand. And I complain about our growing season here in Calgary :(. It is truly an Garden of Eden.

Donnie Allison & Micah said...

Beautiful! Hope we get to stay up north and see our new little plot transformed! I normally have a black thumb, but I'm thinking that with help from guards, I might manage to grow some things :)

Dave said...

Wow - your yard looks fantastic! I'm especially jealous since last weeks frost put the end to my garden. It looks like you're going to have lots of pesto!!