Tuesday, September 14, 2010

End of Ramadan!


Last week marked the end of Ramadan, the month long Islamic event where many people fast from sunrise to sunset. As we learn more and more about the culture and the people, we were surprised to see how many were not fasting in fact, and the variety of reasons that it was excusable. Interesting!

At the end of this period of time, there are always lots of parties!

We went to our friend Miriama’s house to celebrate the end of the fasting. We spent the afternoon there enjoying good friends, interesting conversations, strong tea and great food!


Bennett takes his role of “watcher of the tea” very seriously


He helps Aminata mix in the sugar and pour it into cups   Ramadan03-2

Then he hands around all the cups of steaming hot sweet tea!


Katherine enjoying her first African meal and tea event!


Ramadan is also a time where everyone gets new clothes. It was fun to drive around and see shiny clothes, bright sequins, swishing skirts and bold colors wherever we went.

These two boys were ADORABLE! They are 5 and 2 and had matching little suits. So darn cute! On the right there is the same dirty little boy who had Bennett’s toy car between his thighs a few weeks ago that I blogged about- he cleans up good!


Rebecca and Aminata were also looking good! Aminata is getting married in two weeks and I am excited to be her photographer as well as taking part in the day as part of her “family!'”


And of course, Arielle was looking cute as always!


And eventually it came time to eat. We eat at their house often, usually an assortment of some type of sauce that we dip bread into or they pour over hot rice. This food was even better! It had chicken in it, lots of sweet potatoes and other veggies. Everyone dug into the big platter and had their fill.


The adults bowed out after eating their share, but the kids kept on going…


Ibrahim thought it was “finger licking” good!


And the last one standing, crouching in a true African fashion while chowing down- Miss Arielle!


Black or white, friends all the same!


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Tiffany Shanks said...

I love the last picture and the phrase you put with it friends black and white all the same, how wonderful is it that our kids get to grow up in this culture and have wonderful friends. I don't know what Joshua would do if he did not have his best friend David.