Monday, September 20, 2010



In our grain aid distribution for September we also had the capacity to hand out hand-sewn blankets to all of our program families. Each family received two warm blankets. You might not think you need them here in Niger, but they use them on the floor in hot season and to cover up with in cold season. These blankets came to us through a group of women in the USA who get together and sew sew sew! There is a crazy variety of fabrics and colors, all put together to make simple quilts. I wish some of these dear women who make the quilts could see their love in action!

We had 8 bundles with 40 quilts in each to give out here in town to our community we work in. That’s a lot of blankets! We also sent out an additional 32 bundles to our village locations. That’s roughly 1600 quilts!!

blankets03 - Copy

blankets05 - Copy

And of course, we never forget to have fun!


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Tam said...

beautiful, chantelle! i remember you showing me those blankets and seeing the excitement in your eyes. i'm so glad you finally got to do it!