Thursday, September 02, 2010

Back to school

This morning was the long-awaited return to school for Bennett and Arielle. The last few weeks they have been asking daily when they get to go back! They both love school, their friends and activities. We even found out that two afternoons a week after class for the kindergarten (Bennett) there is a one hour Taekwondo class for kids! Bennett is very excited about this too and we are thankful it was very affordable!


We do ask that you pray for Bennett and Arielle. This is a new school for both of them. There was not any room for Arielle in the Pre-K class at the school where Bennett went and thus we made the decision to move them both rather than drive all over the place everyday!

It is still francophone and uses the French curriculum, and so far we are impressed with the facilities. So we are hoping for a great year there!

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Pamela said...

I absolutely adore this picture of Bennett and Arielle all ready for school. I love the complete look of joy on Bennett's face, and Arielle looks SO confident!

Keeping you all in my prayers, as is our Life Group.

Much love...miss you!