Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Alphabet pride!

Yesterday I was so proud of my little guy. Like any Mom I am generally always proud of Bennett and Arielle, but Bennett had a special day yesterday!

He is really excited to be learning to read at school. Almost everyday he tells me new things he wants to read or little words. He is in the first month of Kindergarten for those of you who don’t know.

I was out yesterday morning buying a bunch of little chalkboards for the training centre we are opening up. Bennett and Arielle were drawing on some of them and Bennett called me into the room that he wanted to show me something. I sat and watched him slowly write out all the letters of the alphabet in order (he missed the letter i only!) without any help and then read them all back to me! I was so proud! We had been working on some letters ,but I had no idea he was this good already!


Then he proceeded to take a pile of the little chalkboards and go around the house and copy down letters and words from packages, games, machines, boxes etc! Anything he could see, he wrote the names and spread out all the little chalkboards on the table, so proud of his writing skills. Now we are working to sound them out!


That first chalkboard with the alphabet? I have it displayed in my office now and I am NOT going to erase it . Your momma is so proud of you!

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Pam and Ray said...

Tell Bennett that his Canadian friends are very proud of him as well. Perhaps one day, we'll have a guest post from him that he's typed up all by himself.

Love to all!
Pam (and Ray!)