Thursday, August 05, 2010

What makes him tick….

Here is Paul hard at work in his shop. His happy place. You can see all the square frames stacked up behind him? Well he has an order from a school here to make 30 desks and 40 chairs.20100805-_MG_1324The best part is that he would need help. With all those pieces of metal to be cut, then sanded down to prep for paint and welder together, he put out the call for able bodied Tuaregs :) And he didn't have to look very far!

20100805-_MG_1325 In the community we work with we know already of several young men (late teens early 20s) who want to apprentice. They want to learn skills and learn a trade. And it seems everyone wants to work for Mr. Paul! (could it be that his wife makes an awesome rice and sauce for their lunch?) Most likely it is that Paul is a great teacher and loves spending time with these guys.

20100805-_MG_1320So all day yesterday and today there was a group of guys at the shop, sanding away hundreds and hundreds of pieces. Sidimou (the more trained apprentice) was running the saw and getting all the pieces ready for them. It was hours of really good language learning, camaraderie, laughing and sharing of skills. According to Paul- today made his heart happy. (even though he took a break in the afternoon for 3 hours of formal class language time too!). This is what he came here for. This is what makes him tick. To train young men, to share their lives, to give them skills to feed their families and bring hope.20100805-IMG_1348And he said everyone was a really hard worker. They are all returning tomorrow to finish that current sanding/prepping task too!! Sometimes in the hard labour of language learning it gives us that extra needed boost to see the goal in action, the relationships grow and the end in sight!!


And then there was the littlest helper. He carried them the pieces once Sidimou had cut them, was perfectly happy and dirty :) And his cast sure didn’t slow him down. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

20100805-_MG_1322 20100805-IMG_1326


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Awesome stuff!

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BTW - Ava asks every single day how Bennetts arm is doing and asks if she can pray for him!

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So pleased for Paul's "happy heart" heather