Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tidbits and updates Aug 2010

Well with a bunch of random things going on, I thought I would write a little “Tidbits and updates” blog !


We are in rainy season here in Niger. If you follow International news you may have seen stories about some of the rain we are getting here. The key for Niger is to get the rain slowly but constantly. With this much mud and sand it needs to soak in and flash floods are common. Sadly this year the rain has been very concentrated in some areas with heavy downpours. Figures are reporting 10,000 people homes have been washed away (they are made of mud and sticks afterall!) and many crops are ruined.

Here in the city we have had several heavy rains lately too, one just yesterday!

Here is the skies starting to foretell the coming storm. I love when it is overcast as it keeps the temperatures down into the 80s! mid 20s!


Then it started to pour. For at least 90 minutes this is what the outside looked like. These two water spouts are from water on the roof that is directed off. Made a nice river in our front yard and out our front gate.


For the kids this was GREAT news. They so rarely get to play in cool weather and rain here that each rain storm we pull out their little umbrella (the second one is broken) and their boots and they have a blast!

  20100810-IMG_1462-2The Africans think they are nuts running around in the puddles while everyone else hides under trees and inside. But we let them play! This is the huge lake that formed in the road outside our house. It is this season that we are also extremely happy we have such a great 4x4 vehicle to get around. Many roads become impassable and it’s not uncommon for us to stop and pull someone else out of the mud!


Arielle loving the rain! A warm bath was in order after this, but she had fun!  20100810-IMG_1467-2

And here is a picture of the Niger river from the bridge. It is higher than I have ever seen it and houses along the edge are under water.


Here is a picture from another expat here in Niger showing their friend’s house underwater.



Yesterday was also the day that Bennett could take off his cast! The doctor at the clinic here was on vacation. Plus they did such a poor job making the cast in the first place that I had re-plastered it last week anyhow. So i thought to myself---how hard could it be to take it off?

I got out my tools…


And Bennett got all ready to say goodbye to his cast…

20100811-IMG_1479Turns out all I needed was five minutes and a sink of warm water! Here is am using the snips but just to cut off some of the fabric as it unwound . It was sooo easy. Like unwrapping wet paper mache!



Grain Aid

Grain continues. This week because of the rain we set up inside. Thankfully since we only have 2 more months of food delivery, there is room inside to set up our tables and stay out of the rain! Even with the rain, people still showed up to collect!

20100811-IMG_1475 20100811-IMG_1476-2

Welding shop update

This whole week Paul’s group of guys have been working hard getting desks built.

We are happy to report all 30 desks are built and are now in the painting stage! Next they will finish the laquer and attach the wood tops then start on the 40 chairs!



A picture my co-worker got here in Niger. Look what is all in that truck…plus the truck itself is falling apart!



Ellie said...

Ah... wishing we could lose our cast, but no. The doctor is going on vacation, so won't take it off for a month longer. Why? Beats me. I am going to have to try to find another doctor who will do it, but those chances are remote. I am seriously thinking of removing it myself, too, but it is made of fiberglass... still maybe I'll grab the tools and do it anyway!

The rain... brings back happy memories of dancing in the monsoon rains at the end of a long hot summer. We never bothered with umbrellas, but simply danced in the puddles with our arms outstretched to the rain. It is still a picture I have in my head about delighting in God - dancing in the rain, delighting in the end of the hot season.

Anonymous said...

Love the pix of Bennett and Arielle walking hand in hand. They are both changing so much (I think)in looks...
I have to wonder how they got the bull to lay down in that truck...I'm assuming it's alive?? :) It's amazing to me how vehicles in that kinda shape are still moving :).
Bennett has to be the "happy boy" saying goodbye to his cast. Blessings to all of you. heather