Sunday, August 01, 2010

Surrounded with children!

We have been very busy these past few weeks trying to get all caught up here in Niamey. Paul is neck deep in a welding/teaching project making desks for a school while teaching some Tuaregs to cut, weld, clean etc as well as regular language studies and logistics for a few of our projects. Chantelle is un-burying herself from the paperwork that built up while in France, language study, year end report for the school feeding program and normal weekly activities of the food aid program, hut class and visiting. So amongst all this, I thought I would show you the children we see most every week. Our own of course and the fun they have been up to during the summer, but also many of the local children we come into regular contact with!


Moustapha, the litte boy of a family I visit


Arielle likes to come to hut class with me. For those hours while I teach or learn, she likes to hang out with all the kids. Sometimes they sit at their own desk, sometimes they wander off to play together.



Another family I visit every Tuesday morning has several children who come and play each week. This time we brought some dolls and the little stroller and all the kids really enjoyed playing all morning.


Fatima doesn’t have a doll of her own. She carried the one doll on her back all morning and was sad to see us leave. I would love to give her a doll of her own, but always need to think it through first. Can I give her a doll and not all the other little girls in the neighbourhood? What would I give her sister and the little boy who live there if I gave her something? Would it be culturally appropriate? So many questions to ask each time to make sure we live in the best way possible and don’t offend unknowingly. I know she would love a doll! 20100727-_MG_1055


At the Food Aid program there is also a lot of children who come around, be it the children of the guard who lives there, the donkey delivery cart driver’s kids or just local children, we are never in short supply! Here are some taking advantage of a ride home on the donkey.


Bennett and Arielle are enjoying our trips to the park. Trips to the pool have been cancelled due to Bennett’s cast, but thankfully they both love the park too! 20100730-_MG_1090

Check out Bennett’s new cast. They cut off his huge shoulder to fingers cast after his one month xray showed great healing and they put on a little cast the is under his elbow to his fingers. It is much lighter and now he can move his elbow and arm, so he is a very happy little boy! Only two more weeks until the cast comes off!


Arielle playing on the front porch with our “language class blackboard”. I think she was expecting rain?


And finally, what would a kids update be without pics of our tiniest little critter? We took Harriet to the Park at the Rec Centre to see her big BIG cousin George. This shows the comparison of how big she is now vs. how big she will be in 30 years!20100730-_MG_1103

20100730-IMG_1070And then of course she just enjoyed the park with the kids!  20100730-_MG_1096




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Dave said...

The pics of Harriet are fantastic. So cute! And of course many beautiful children. Its good to see that doll strollers are a hit the world over.