Thursday, August 26, 2010

In Black and White


A little look at this past week when we went visiting. A good time as always!


Rebecca and Miriama get ready to start making our “noon meal” We always bring the bread! Here Miriama is just picking off the leaves from the stems. This is a local plant and we eat the leaves in sauce every time we come. It’s our favorite!20100824-_MG_1552

Then Rebecca pounds the wet leaves into a green paste.


While the sauce is cooking, we chat with ladies and sometimes we play with the kids. There are always kids there. Especially if Bennett and Arielle come, then the neighbourhood pours in to play with them too. This is Fatima. She is there every week. She calls us her family. She is precious.   


This little guy is Ibrahim. He is a little trouble maker. Always stealing toys and wanting attention! I took this shot carefully. He has not pants on. Ever! And I found him clutching a little toy car of Bennett’s firmly---between his thighs. His nose always runs and is full of sand and snot. He eats dirt. He has a distended belly that points me to think he has worms. His smile is huge though! What a kid! We hope to see him grow up healthy and stay around long enough to learn some things!! (and yes…i admit to bleaching that little toy car when we got home before it went into anyone’s mouth!)

20100824-_MG_1556   20100824-_MG_1560

Finally the food was ready! We break the bread and dip it into the sauce. The sauce has tree leaves, tomatoes, squash, garlic, salt, hot peppers, potatoes and spices in it. It is quite yummy!


Bennett took this shot. All of us enjoying our food!


And I know it’s not black and white- but check out those leaves!



Judy said...

Thanks Chantelle! Great as always!

Anonymous said...

I see an up and coming photographer like his mom! heather