Monday, August 16, 2010

Flower child and making friends

First of all- Arielle the flower child. Mom spent some time trying to remember how to French braid last week. I remember my Mom used to braid my hair like this when I was young. I can’t for the life of me seem to get good at it. Maybe when I see my Mom at Christmas time she can give me a few pointers? Arielle felt so pretty with her hair she wanted to dress up and go pick flowers. So we did!





20100808-_MG_1418-2 20100808-_MG_1429-2

A few days after that, the kids went to play in the schoolyard across the street.

Bennett brought his bat and ball to play with the neighbour boy Boobay (who is 6)

    20100816-_MG_1508-2And where two children are playing, more will surely follow. Two became four.

20100816-IMG_1517-2Four became six.


And six eventually became at least a dozen or more! 20100816-IMG_1520-2All the kids badly wanted their photo taken. In fact if I pulled out my camera they would start all running towards me, completely stopping what they were doing, which is what I had wanted to take a photo of in the first place!


But chaos and all, it was fun to see the kids playing and enjoying themselves outside the gate. I know it can be a little overwhelming for them when 12 kids swarm them, none of whom speak French or English, but who all want to play with them, and of course their toys!


And what was Arielle doing through all of the rough boy play? Making friends of course!


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