Saturday, July 03, 2010

Alive and well in Paris

Not sure what is going on with the pictures here...i dont have any of my usual gear with me for photography...but enjoy anyhow!

Does this picture look familiar to those of you who are long-time faithful blog followers? If not - check out this link from October 2006.

In the irony of it all, Bennett's room and hospital in Paris is just one floor above where I stayed where I had my fight with Dengue Fever in 2006. At least I knew the area this time! That is the top of the Eiffel tower from Bennett's room.

Bennett's first two days here in Paris were as uneventful as we can expect. We spent the whole first day getting in to the airport, waiting for a special taxi/ambulance that never showed up, took our own taxi, saw specialists, waited in countless different waiting rooms, never ate anything since we didn't know when/if his surgery would happen, and then finally at 8pm Bennett went under anesthesia and got his arm fixed. They didn't use any pins or rods and while the fracture is unstable, we hope the setting will hold. We are in a holding pattern of follow-ups, xrays and waiting for 2 weeks in Paris. Apparently you can't fly with a new cast, so they have to crack open the cast. Clearly we aren't going to do that anytime soon!

So now we are not in the hospital but are close by in the hotel and trying to decide what to do. After a few days we got Bennett's pain meds under control and he was wanting to go out and see things and do things. Can't blame him. However, we need to make sure his arm stays stable as possible too. So we got a sling, a stroller and headed out!

Our first day in the hospital Bennett was at the window and shouted "Mom, come here! I want to show you something!!" And when I came over...."Look Mom, there is a bush with flowers on it and grass down there!" LOL. My poor African child!
He was thrilled to discover a local outdoor park that is like ones he remembers back in Canada. It has just rained and was cool and he played gently with some other kids. Mom was a kill-joy and wouldnt let him climb anything or run (crazy one armed kid wanted to climb the rope ladders!) but he fully enjoyed himself.

We also went and saw Shrek 4 in the theatre and ate a Happy Meal at McDonalds as per his request. He saw a poster saying Toy Story 3 comes out in two weeks and constantly reminds me that we need to see it they day it comes out.

And Mom is staying positive too. We are so thankful to have insurance that allows us to take our children to quality medical facilites and get taken care. 95% of the population of this world don't have that luxury. I am enjoying the fresh fruit- especially nectarines, peaches and cherries. I can't get enough! As well...Starbucks has many locations in town. We will take our small gifts in life when they come and be thankful. Wishing madly that Paul and Arielle were here too, but thankful we have skype and can talk every night.

Bennett is loving the metro and trains. We will wander around town with the stroller as his energy level and heavy cast allow and make the best of this bonding time. God has this within His capable hands and I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.

Until next time from Paris!


Ray Jessen said...

It is so great that we can follow your ups and downs of ministry. Thank you for sharing. Know that even though I rarely comment I have followed all your blog entries and feel very blessed and privileged to be able to keep up with you.

In His service


Tjosie said...

Way to go Chantelle. We are praying that the arm will heal perfectly and that your time together in Paris will be just downright GREAT!!! Give that man a squish for us!