Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sandstorms, cereal and 10 great years!


In the past week we have had a few big sandstorms here in Niger. We are in rainy season, yet still awaiting any serious rain. The ground is still so parched and obviously covered in sand, and when the wind picks up for a storm, it picks up all that sand.

The storm approaching201006-p1010175


The storm begins to hit and the sky turns deep orange with all the sand in the area. Visibility drops drastically.


Instead of water, the few drops that fall are actually mud, since the sky is so full of dirt. We have never gotten enough rain yet to knock down the dust to give water instead of mud! See all the mud on the windows after the storm passed.


Deep in the storm. The sky turns to night in the middle of the afternoon. This way taken by our friend’s from their roof.29637_399027889050_526724050_4312832_6377599_n

Rebecca and I were downtown when the big one hit. The sky turned deep orange and dark and sellers were running everywhere yelling and packing up their wares. We were ushered into the little store of a rug seller to wait out the storm. We kept watching from the door and they thought we were a little crazy that we thought it was so fascinating! I have never seen anything like it, day to night in just a minutes time with howling wind and orange skies. Sadly I didn’t have a camera with me.



And now…for something completely different :) Cereal!! Must to our shock and surprise, we went into a tiny little local store this week and were greeted with a cereal surprise! They try to cater to expats somewhat, and someone must be telling him our cereal preferences! We snatched up 2 boxes of Rice Krispies and 3 boxes of whole grain Cheerios! What a treasure out here! Funny…cereal finds can make our day :) Hahah…you know you live in a third world when kinda moment :)

Anyhow…we will eat them slowly and enjoy every bite. For the $50 I paid for these boxes we sure better make them last!!



10 Great Years!

This past Thursday (June 10th) Paul and I officially hit the decade marker for our marriage. That’s right folks, 10 whole years of marriage!

Thank you for all the well-wishes we received. We are blessed to have found each other and work hard to make each year stronger, each day better, and each moment sweeter.

Here’s to the next 10! I can’t imagine living this adventure with anyone else!


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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! $50.00 - unbelievable~~So is the sand storm.