Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is rainy season finally going to start?

Rainy season has been flirting with Niger. The rains are really late, we have gotten a few sad sprinklings, but nothing serious. Tonight maybe we have seen the start of rainy season?

In the late afternoon a sandstorm blew in and it went from daylight to dark eerie night in  a matter of minutes. I verified my camera was not set to change colors of bump up saturation- this was the real color of the sky as the winds brought in all that Sahara sand!


The the main sandstorm passed and it lightened up considerably to a crazy bright yellow


And then the torrents of rain began to fall. It rained hard for at least an hour, and as I write this a few hours later it is still drizzling.


The other star of the show was the thunder and lightning. It was loud and close! I was out just under the awning to avoid getting wet, but getting some shots. All were handheld so a little blurry on the edges. What a storm!

_MG_0736 _MG_0779 _MG_0782 _MG_0784 _MG_0787 _MG_0789 _MG_0799 _MG_0804

Let’s hope rainy season has really begun! We can all use a break from the heat and humidity and the land of Niger needs rain for a good harvest and growth!    


dona said...

Really amazing photos!
Cheers from Italy.

Ellie said...

Here's hoping with you! :)

Anonymous said...

Again, the amazing colors in each frame is stunning. heather