Friday, June 25, 2010

Harriet’s Great Escape….attempt.

We recently sprayed insecticide in our yard and poor Harriet had to stay indoors for a few days. When it was safe to go out…she didn’t want to ever come back in!

_MG_0889 _MG_0891

When i got down in front of her and she could see me, she would quickly turn around and head the other direction. You wouldn’t believe how fast that turtle could move!


To try and get her back into the house we had to call in the big guns. The Special Turtle Intelligence Lego Team (STILT for short)!

_MG_0902 _MG_0903

One of the team set up surveillance on top of a large plant where he could get a good view


One STILT member hid waiting along the back wall until the suspect approached. It was a rough confrontation!


When they finally clashed heads, it was Harriet the turtle who got the best of the helicopter. His Lego greatness was no match for her solid shell and power legs! _MG_0914

The helicopter upside, thrown and discarded by the sneaky turtle foe!


The final helicopter was trying to block the narrow escape pathway to the turtle’s favourite hiding place behind the air conditioning compressor unit. They had only recently discovered this hiding place when Lucky Lizard the snitch cut a deal.

This path is only wide enough for one of us Turtle scum!


Once again the Turtle comes out triumphant!!


Finally they capture the fleeing suspect on a lonely stretch of Lego road where she can’t hide. Touch down!!

_MG_0930 _MG_0937

Well….at least they serve lettuce in prison!!


Sooo………. what did you do on your Sunday afternoon!!!


Kelly said...

thanks, this TOTALLY made my day :D

Esther Garvi said...

What a beautiful turtle! Harriet is a great name! :-)

Tjosie said...

Mega FUN!! Way to go Turtle Hunters! We know those guys can be slippery!

Anonymous said...


gulp! thank you. :) heather

val said...

stumbled cross here via Harriet's photo...what a great post. Turtle scum? Hysterical! Harriet must be one of the "mutant ninja" clan!