Monday, June 14, 2010

End of year celebration for the KIDS hut class!

A week ago we had a little party to celebrate the end of the year for the kids hut class. Their school has finished and summer holidays have begun! For many of them this means travelling out into bush to the village of their extended families. There they will help put in the harvest and help their families.  12web

For the party, many of them stood up and sang a song, or repeated a monologue they had learned. Some were about naming body parts or the alphabet, some were about national pride (someone even sang the Nigerien anthem!) and others were about health related topics.


They were very proud to show off some of the things they had learned.

20web We have a wide range of ages in children who attend the program. Some of the older ones did a sketch about the importance of seeking adequate health care when sick, and some of the young ones, like Ibrahim below, just had fun goofing around.4web8web13web

We passed around baggies of cold water (this is how they drink it here in Niger from the little stores on every corner) and handed out candies and cookies, as well as we had a little prize table where they came and could choose items like stickers, hair bands, bracelets, toy cars, etc. All the kids were VERY excited for the party!7web

We had also invited many of the parents to come and watch the little celebration. Many of them were so proud to see their children recite the alphabet and take part in songs and activities.


And what party would be complete without games? In this game they had to “freeze” and not move a muscle when the “teacher” was watching, but dance when she turned her back! They were eliminated one by one, until only the boy in army fatigues in the front was left standing as the sole statue! You can see even Bennett joined in the fun.10web

We are so proud of all the joy and hard work that we see in this group of children. My heartfelt thanks go out to Joelle (Quebecoise), Elohise (Quebecoise) and Asku (Nigerien), without whom this class would not be such a success each week!

And thanks to all of you who support our hut class initiative! The kids class was a huge success for year one and they are all ready to return in the fall, and I think we will have even more children joining!

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Tim said...

Way to go!! Gloire a Dieu!!!