Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bennett is "Bented"! A woeful tale of a broken arm.

Remember how I posted this picture a month back? A picture of Bennett so proud to be able to make it all the way across the monkey cars, which his Daddy had built for a local playground?

Well it turns out those monkey bars are not his friend. On Sunday night, just as church was starting, Bennett was taking one last swing across the monkey bars when his feet slipped on the rung at the end and he fell down, landing on his left arm. His ulna and radius bones both snapped, just above the wrist joint.

The shirt he is wearing says it all.

“I do all my own stunts!”

Now there are a few things that the Niger health system does well, but we did not feel that putting a 5 year old under general anaesthesia and possible bone surgery is on that list. We are thankful that we work for an organization with good health insurance and member care. Thus the treating doctor told us our best choice was to go to a “First World Hospital” to get the bone set. If there are any complications from setting it and it requires surgery…at least we will already be in the best place for that!

Bennett has been in a clinic with a morphine drop since Sunday night and we fly out Tuesday night. The bones are still overlapping and not even set. His arm is braced to reduce movement and jars but nothing else has been done. He is such a trooper and is in decent good spirits, all things considered.

If all goes well, we hope to be back in Niger on Sunday night. If surgery is required we will be longer, but we will cross that bridge if we come to it!

So where are we going….I will give you a hint!

Ironic thing is, we ended up getting referred to the exact same hospital I went to in 2006 when I had Dengue fever! With several dozens of hospitals in Paris, I thought that was funny. Walking distance from the Luxembourg Parc where Bennett can sail little boats in a pond on the weekend if he is up to it!

Please pray for a safe trip tonight with no bumps or turbulence and that he could sleep. Also please pray they could easily set the bones and that surgery would not be required, then we will be home for Sunday!!

Thanks to many of you who have been so encouraging and supportive these last few days – from running errands and making phone calls for us, delivering coffee and hugs to the clinic and to your notes of encouragement. We appreciate it all very much.

See you from Paris!


Ellie said...

poor little guy! Praying for you! Hope you get to enjoy some change while you're at it!

Di said...

Praying for you and Bennet as you travel. Praying for the Doc's as they assess.

Di said...

Praying for you and Bennet as you travel. Praying for the Doc's as they assess.